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How to learn, start, make a tandem flight?
Where can I find a list of schools?
Why go through a school?
Who can start?

What has you one need to start?
When should we start?
How long to be independent?
How much does it cost ? (Learning)
How much does it cost? (Materiel)
The stages of progression .
Lifetime Equipment.


How to learn, start, make a tandem flight?

You should contact a school accredited by the FFVL French federation of free flight, you will find friendly people, passionate professionals who love their job.

They will guide you, you make the right choix.et convey their joy of flying.






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Were can I find a list of schools?

see lists of links, it is not exhaustive, but we try to make it as comprehensive as possible. Ask the federation is a good solution, there are also specialized journals.

http://www.parapentefrance.com portal paragliding.

http://www.parapentesite.com the first search engine of free flight in France.

ex: Paragliding mag, Paragliding, Aérial ...






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Why go through a school?

It is dangerous to believe that we can train alone or with friends, however well intentioned, they said.

Teaching in a school approved FFVL, is the guarantor of an increase in safety.





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Who can start?

The legal age to begin is 14 years is largely a matter of weight and maturity, there may be exceptions granted by agreement of the federation after school teacher concerned.

For older children, there are no limits except those imposed by physical conditions.

For tandem-flight , first ask the pilot specific conditions, overall, there are no limitations.





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What has you one need to start?

The desire to fly well on!

To begin, a medical certificate of fitness to practice paragliding issued by the family doctor.

A good pair of shoes, and clothing necessary for the season.





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When should we start?

When it wants, it is best to enjoy a vacation, to be available at most and grow faster.

Virtually all the time, of course not in the rain, but the gene is primarily due to wind.






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How long to be independent?
There is no set rules, everyone progresses at their own pace, depending on the time he devotes, his motivation and his personal skills,

There is also a little bit of luck, the weather knows to be capricious with people who are in her thank you, but patience is part of education.






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How much does it cost? (Learning)

The schools provide all equipment, and there's nothing to be added during the teaching.

The rates proposed by schools are substantially equivalent, it is necessary to ensure competition, but I think we must be wary of too much publicity gimmicks that promise rapid growth, and a number of flight guaranteed. This will be detrimental to the quality of education. (It takes about 400 € for a week of internship).
To achieve relative autonomy, it is necessary to make at least two courses (an introductory course and at least one refresher course).
Then it is necessary to continue your training in a club.
Do not underestimate the importance of this training is for your safety it is.

(Training therefore vary in length, depending on the individual, region, weather .... no one can predict your ability to absorb this increase and the weather during your internship.)




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How much does it cost? (Matériel. ..)

Then, once independent, the purchase of equipment can vary about one thousand five hundred to four thousand € €,
found the opportunity of course but prudence, safety at a price.

Insurance License (not club subscription) Student: Pilot :
Année 2010 50 € 90 €

Prix neufs

Mini (environ)

Maxi (environ)

Helmet (mandatory) 60 € 230 €
Ankle boots 50 € 200 €
Gloves 25 € 91 €
flight suit 122 € 280 €
Wings (avec son sac) 1700 € 3400 €
Harness 200 € 690 €
Parachute 340 € 840 €
Rates 2010 include extreme values must be revised downward to a beginner who will not buy high-end performance for his first top wing beats.

There is a market opportunity, which must be approached with caution and take advice, but represents an interesting alternative.

It can also be equipped electronics: Altivario, Gps, Radio, barograph, etc. .. But later, when the need arises.

Prix neufs Mini (environ) Maxi (environ)
Radio 200 € 250 €
Altivario 133 € 750 €
GPS 180 € 300 €
Once equipped with the flight, it costs virtually nothing, except to travel to the sites.Maintenance of hardware, it consumes almost as common sense, attention and respect, which will lead to his longevity.

Finally the price is not very high if we consider it a form of air transport.


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The stages of progression .

Initiation (one week) 
The goal is to make contact and confidence in the equipment and try it on petty theft in a secure environment. 
It is practiced on a training hill, on which it makes contact with his wing, and one learns to master the basic steps to approach the great flight. 
Two to three days are used for this progression that leads to petty theft on this slope. 
Then the last two days, we pass in flight on a site known and very calm conditions, supervised by instructors who guide with vigilance these steps. 

The Development (duration depending on ability, attendance and weather: can vary from two months to one year or more). 
The aim is to gradually cut the umbilical cord that connects students to their instructors, so that they acquire a solid experience and to learn to develop own reflection in a flying man. 
Progress continues in varying situations, new places of takeoffs and landings, new wings, new techniques and courses théoriques.Nouvelles aerology, all is discovered every day and not like the precedent. 

The Patent Pilot 
The driver knows enough to continue flying on his own, he acquired a theoretical and practical knowledge that enables him to continue his training alone, with prudence and safety. 
In the field of flight, even the greatest champions have never finished learning. 

Patent pilot confirmed 
The pilot proved by his flights he knew explore and exploit its material and upper air in which it moves to cover distances greater than the raw performance of its wings, the patent is required to register in the competition. 

Qualification Bi-up 
Available for drivers with one year of patent, this qualification is able to move after a passenger is acquired theoretical and practical training within the federation. 

Inter-club competitions, regional, national and world championships: the PWC.Les rules stipulated by the International Aeronautical Federation FAI 
They tend to carry around the course of beacons on the ground, these tags are photographed for evidence of passage. The time used and distance traveled, are the factors that determine the winner. 
A great way to progress, to meet people passionate and high-nival, to establish friendships across France and worldwide. 

The Monitorat 
There is a federal instructor that teaches volunteers in a club or association, and a state certificate that allows working in a vocational school. 
It must hold the wings confirmed for at least a year to run for training, for certification status indication 
It will also hold the core sports instructor. 
Allow a minimum of two years of training and a significant investment, personnel, financial and time spent.


It all depends on well-attention accorded to her, the pace at which it is used, and how it is stored, when not in use.

IL is understood that many factors combine to use our expensive device:
UV, rubbing, tight bends and long-lasting, humidity, and intensive use.
In simple logic, avoids the disadvantages of each maximum ...

A sail maintained, revised, can bring happiness to its owner during good years, at least five years, but we bet he'll want to change to keep pace before then. It is the eternal problem of the headlong rush imposed by progress.

A sailing race, subjected to intensive use, often in strong conditions, and exposed to sunlight for long hours should see his suspension lines changed or at least reviewed after one year and life rarely exceeds three years.

Informations The responses are those of myself
and errors may have been committed, thank you for the report

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